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#13 - BatFlash Explores The Secrets of The Button

January 15th, 2017

In this episode of the DC Bros. Podcast, Dillyn and Damian discuss:

  • Geoff Johns teases another DC TV series to be announced soon, says he’s excited to come back to WRITING COMICS and teases Watchmen-centric comic
  • DC Rebirth collected volumes available for free from Hoopla Digital powered with the use of a valid, supported library card
  • Mark Hamill Reads Donald Trump Tweet as the Joker
  • Secrets to the comedians button being found in the Batcave during “DC Universe Rebirth #1” is set to be explored this late April
  • Will Justice League Movie Pay a Visit to Arkham Asylum?
  • New image of the Justice League team was revealed
  • Michael Keaton explains why he left the Batman Franchise stating
  • Wonder Woman movie villain finally revealed to be Ares, the god of war
  • Justice League Dark, the lasted DCU animated feature will have its theatrical premiere in LA and NY on January 23 and February 2nd, respectively
  • Warner Bros. has hired David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes to write the script for DC Films’ upcoming “Green Lantern Corps” movie
  • CW Has no plans for a Superman show
  • Constantine returns to the Arrowverse!... as an animated series
  • Flash/Supergirl musical crossover episode revealed it’s villian Music Meister, who can control people through song.
  • Injustice 2 finally has an official released date of May 16th, 2017

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